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It's time. Time for me. Time to just be. Time to write out all of the things that I've learned. It's time. In August of this year, I will be retiring from private practice counselling and it feels very, very strange. 27 years, I've devoted so much of my focus, energy and heart to the work of assisting others, in discovering their truth and living it, to be in love relationship with themselves and others, to push past fear into possibility, to be seen, and so much more. I have learned so much, grown so much. Who am I without that? I guess we'll find out ;) There will be those select few that I will continue to mentor. Mentor, not counsel. Those for whom the alignment is just right, but not many. I need to write, to finally have the space to collect my thoughts and commit them to the printed word. An exciting prospect.

I will miss the regular flow of fascinatingly courageous people into my world (especially, if this pandemic continues for any length of time), that's for sure. You have given me so very much. I am so grateful for the intimacies you've entrusted me with. It has been an amazing journey and an incredible privilege. Thank you for your trust.




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