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Ripple Effect

I was working on my writing, today, when it struck me just how impacting our choices can be. We can make what we think is a personal and inconsequential decision, yet it can have incredibly far reaching effect, even to the extent of generations.

This can be one of the key reasons for individuals who, taking responsibility deeply to heart, make no decision at all. Fear of those ripples. Fear of the unknown consequences. It can paralyze.

Conversely, for more rash individuals, there can be no thought, at all, of how one’s choices can effect the big picture. This can create chaos.

So, what do we do?

Well, when I think of the myriad choices we have to make in life, I am struck with an immediate thought … When one’s choices are made from fear, carelessness, denial and the like, they are often regretted. Yet, if they are made within calm, centred, intuitive frameworks, they’re rarely disastrous. Ergo, we owe it to ourselves and to the world to be in trusting, integrous relationship with ourselves.

I see the need for such every day, in my own life and with my clients. Our culture does not promote honesty. It promotes conformity, peer pressure and performance. And it’s a mess. Thankfully, we have the freedom to choose otherwise.

But, we have to choose it. This is the beginning of change. It can be the first REAL choice we ever make.

I, for one, lived a life of rationalizations until I couldn’t stand it, anymore. Now, I help others to find their truths and to live by them. The change can be dramatic. It was for me. And the ripple effect? Wow, what a difference. I had no idea I could change the world …

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