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The Freedom Quest

My point of view:


Relationships, especially romantic ones, are rife with difficulty. We come to adulthood with a vast, lifelong account of how it "should" be and are, then, confused and frustrated when no-one seems to be sticking to the script and even more so, when we realize that we don't want to. For most of us, it doesn't fit.


We are afraid to ask for what we want and even more afraid that our partners, friends, etc., will ask for something more. Romantically, we have been trained to get on that relationship escalator and ride it to the top. Anything that deviates from the "norm" is considered bizarre, or worse, just plain wrong!

And, yet, there are so many ways to love and be loved. There are so many ways to experience our sexuality. There are so many ways to do family.


I believe in making sex, relationships & life fulfillment, according to our authentic self, priorities.


I believe that when we are willing to risk being seen for who we really are & celebrate ourselves, we become safe places for others to explore their truth, also.


If we can accept that growth requires change, some discomfort & pushing oneself gently, we can support ourselves and one another in the greatest journey of our lives.


We can embrace that imperfection is part of the learning process and know that it's okay to be real.

As a therapist, I have attempted to embody and example this, throughout my years of practice. Of course, I often failed, yet I have always persisted. The alternative is unacceptable.

I have learned much and, now, as I retire my private practice, I am excited to pass on my insights, as a mentor, even as I continue to learn. In truth, for each of us, we've only just begun!



Cherish Dorrington

I have worked with amazing individuals from every walk of life and from all around this wonderful world.


With a background in the psycho-therapeutic field, as both a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor and a  Master Therapeutic Counsellor, as well as a Certified Life Coach, my door has been open to individuals of all gender and relational expressions, couples, thruples and more.

Now, I'm winding things down to my retirement, in August 2021, and shifting away from a counselling private practice to more of a mentoring role. I will be working with a select few, one day per week, and devoting the rest of my time to reflection, writing and adventure.


Focusing on self-awareness, openness, accountability & curiosity, I aim to provide space for those ready to push through to the next level, to let go of old thinking that no longer serves their purpose, and to be met where they are at, with respect, empathy and encouragement.

Whether the desire is for personal growth or professional explorations, this will be a relationship that is centred on expanding insight. reflection and comprehension, considering perspectives, and finding your alignment.

The idea of getting excited and invested in having a loving and supportive connection with oneself is often met with everything from fear to incredulity to outright refusal. Yet, I have found, through years of working with humans, that this is where the juice is. When this is intact, everything else becomes simplified and our answers are easily acquired. If we truly want our lives to reflect our hearts, our hearts must be aligned with who we are.

This is my heart. To help create freedom within, so that we can have true freedom without.


I will be seeing clients on Tuesdays, only, and I plan to spend my time working with a mix of individuals and professionals. If you are interested in my new offering, please, send me a note, understanding that this is not therapy/counselling, and we can explore what it would be like to work together.

C. Dorrington
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