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Unfinished Business

Sometimes it can be difficult to move forward, because there’s something from the past holding us back. Something unfinished. Something ignored. I’m creating the foundations of my book, the story of my own evolution … and I’m suddenly aware of some unfinished business of my own.

How many times have I told of past experiences as if I’m reading the paper? No big deal. Just passing thoughts. Just betrayal and loss and terror and heartbreak and scrambling uphill to rebirth. No, no big deal at all.

Wow, have I ever been glossing it over! Now, it’s time to get real.

As a therapist, a teacher, a mentor, a coach, a friend, I’ve come alongside countless others in their journeys of healing, discovery and growth. It would seem it is now time for me to take those same skills AND that same heart and apply it to me, myself. I am the one in need of understanding, vulnerability and grace. If I want to do this great work of mine, it will be essential for me to be there … for me. In love, in forgiveness, in acceptance, in compassion. It will be some of the greatest work I will ever do.

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